Learn About our Family-Owned and -Operated Restaurant

Learn About our Family-Owned and -Operated Restaurant

Serving the good people of Binghamton, NY for 70 years

Sharkey’s Bar and Grill’s famous spiedies were first made by owner Larry Sharak’s father more than 50 years ago. He used to make them at a cookfire in the window by the bar.

Back then, spiedies were skewered, marinated hunks of lamb served with thick slices of bread. The meat was cooked on a charcoal grill. The traditional practice was to grab the bread in one hand and use it to slide the meat cubes off the metal rod, thus creating a sandwich.

Today, spiedies are still served and eaten that way at Sharkey’s in Binghamton, NY. Lamb is now too expensive, so we use chicken or pork in our spiedies. Take a bite and you’ll taste the flavorful juices of our two-day marinade, made from garlic, vinegar, peppers, oregano and other spices. The recipe is a family heirloom that’s been passed down and perfected over the years. Stop in today to discover the unforgettable flavor of our popular spiedies.

Why dine with us?

There’s only one place you need to visit for authentic eastern European food. Sharkey’s Bar and Grill will impress you with our delicious menu items and friendly service. Sharkey’s is always a great choice for lunch and dinner. We:

  • Are family-owned and -operated.
  • Have 70 years of experience in the area.
  • Offer daily specials.
  • Are kid-friendly.

Take a break from cooking tonight and enjoy the savory tastes of Sharkey’s Bar and Grill instead.