• Sharkey's Bar And Grill

    56 Glenwood Avenue
    Binghamton, NY 13905


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    Sharkey's Bar And Grill: (607) 729-9201

    Mon: 11:30AM--10:00PM
    Tue: 11:30AM--10:00PM
    Wed: 11:30AM--10:00PM
    Thu: 11:30AM--10:00PM
    Fri: 11:30AM--10:00PM
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    Sun: 11:30AM--10:00PM

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Sharkey’s Bar and Grill serves eastern European food

Thank you for vising our website. Sharkey’s Bar and Grill is the go-to restaurant in Binghamton, NY for delicious eastern European favorites. Relax with us and enjoy a dish of holupkis, buttery pierogi or a spiedie. We also sell clams by the pound for local seafood lovers.

Bring the family over today for an unforgettable meal.