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Where Should You Go for Lunch in Binghamton, NY?

Expect tasty spiedies and city chicken at Sharkey's Bar and Grill

You might find spiedies at other restaurants and supermarkets around Binghamton, NY, but if you want an authentic spiedie straight from the source, visit Sharkey's Bar and Grill in Binghamton. We're the home of the spiedie, and you'll only get the best when you dine with us.

A spiedie is a delicious sandwich filled with kabob-style meat. We marinate the meat cubes overnight (or longer!) in a special marinade, and then grill the meat on spits over a charcoal pit. The sandwich is traditionally made with fresh lamb, chicken or beef and served on soft Italian bread. Nowadays, we make our sandwiches with chicken or pork. Get in touch with us today to order one of our most popular menu items.

Order our juicy city chicken today

Another guest favorite is our city chicken. Despite its name, city chicken is actually a pork dish. Served on a skewer, city chicken is cooked by:

  • Packing a succulent roll of meat into a tubular shape on a wooden stick.
  • Steeping it in a fresh marinade.
  • Quick-frying until it's crisp.
  • Baking until it's thoroughly cooked.

You'll end up with a crispy hunk of meat that is as juicy and flavorful on the inside as the darkest of dark meats. It's served on a slice of bread for your dining pleasure. Stop by Sharkey's Bar and Grill to try city chicken for yourself.